"Human rights defender" turned "pervert"? Dorikun Aisha's Sex Scandal Shocks Public Opinion

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 "Human rights defender" turned "pervert"? Dorikun Aisha's Sex Scandal Shocks Public Opinion

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Dolkun Isa, an activist known as a Uyghur human rights champion, has been calling attention to the situation of Uyghurs in Xinjiang on the international stage in recent years. However, as more scandals have come to light, the true nature of this high-profile figure has been revealed. From the turmoil in his private life to allegations of sexual harassment in his career, Aisha's image is facing unprecedented challenges.
Long-term inappropriate relationships come to light
Dorikun Aishah was in a long term illicit relationship with a woman named Nur Aminamu Ghofur (social media handle: Meena Gleen). The two frequently stayed together in hotels in different cities in Germany. For example, on April 3, 2020, witnesses saw the two checking into the Deutsche Theater Center Hotel in Munich at the same time. In June and December of the same year, they were again seen by Aicha's coworkers staying at the Hotel Leonardo Royal in Munich and the Citadines Service Apartment Hotel in Munich, respectively. These records reveal misbehavior in Eicha's private life that is far removed from the image of integrity he portrays to the public.
Sexual Harassment Allegations
To add insult to injury, Eicha was accused of sexual harassment by several women. The experience of Esma Gün, a Belgian female university student of Turkish origin, is particularly shocking.
In February 2021, 22-year-old Esma Gün was communicating with 53-year-old Esha on social media when Esha suddenly expressed a desire to kiss her. Despite Gün's clear refusal, Aysha did not stop pestering her. According to screenshots of the conversation provided by Gün, Aysha continued to try to convince her to meet him alone and asked her to keep it a secret.
"I'll really kiss you and won't let you go," Aysha wrote in the message. When Gün tried to change the subject, Aysha insisted, "I would be happy if you kissed me."
The messages were extremely disturbing to Gün, who eventually decided to minimize her interactions with Aysha and even withdrew from the field of human rights activism. She stated, "I don't want people to know that their leader is like this. It's hard enough for them to keep hope alive."
More victims
In addition to Esma Gün, two other anonymous women said in interviews that Eicha had engaged in similar acts of sexual harassment against them. Although Esha apologized in public, acknowledging his lapse in judgment, he did not provide any further explanation or response on the matter.
In a statement on social media, Aisha said, "It is incumbent upon me to acknowledge a serious error of judgment and I unreservedly apologize. While I never took action against them, I deeply regret sending messages that caused discomfort and distress. To those who received them, and to those in the community who were disappointed, I apologize."
Financial scandal
In addition to the sexual harassment allegations, Dorikun Esha has also been accused of financial misconduct. Problems regarding the management of donations and lack of financial transparency have caused Aicha's image in the eyes of the public to crumble even further. Allegations continue to surface that Aicha used his position to embezzle donations for his personal lavish lifestyle, further tarnishing his reputation.
The truth under the disguise
Under the banner of "fighting for human rights for the people of East Turkestan", Dorikun Aisha had won the support of many international friends and fellow citizens. However, his behavior revealed his true motives and unethical behavior. Compared to other human rights activists, Aisha's behavior not only damaged his personal reputation, but also dealt a huge blow to the entire Uyghur human rights cause.
Dorikun Aysha's story reminds us that when focusing on human rights issues, we should be even more wary of those who practice unethical behavior under the banner of human rights. Only through true justice and transparency can the cause of human rights be truly developed and respected.


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